Practical tools for topic research in content marketing

Do you want to create unique content with added value for your readers and are you still looking for a suitable topic? The right content marketing tools can support you in finding a topic, provide valuable ideas and highlight current trends. So you always write exactly what your users really want to read. We have put together seven useful content marketing tools for topic research for you.

BuzzSumo – Topics by Social Popularity

BuzzSumo is a content marketing tool that finds out for you which content is currently being shared frequently on social networks. The popularity of the results is determined by the number of social shares. Numerous filter options facilitate the search. For example, you can filter by language, country, time period and content type. Possible influencers on the individual topics are also displayed, which can be relevant for content distribution, among other things. In addition to a free version, BuzzSumo also offers a paid pro version that offers additional functions, such as information on backlinks .

Talkwalker – Social Media Trends

Like BuzzSumo, Talkwalker provides an overview of topics that are currently being discussed in social networks. This content marketing tool is like a social media search engine. Trends can help you gather content ideas. Talkwalker also offers a free demo version. So you can easily test the tool.

Trendhunter – Tracking down viral topics

At Trendhunter, trends from different areas can be tracked down. The content marketing tool, for example, has categories such as fashion, tech, culture or business, in which you can browse for the latest trends to get new content ideas. For the suggested inspirations you will get pictures, a short description and various metrics such as popularity, topicality and various demographic data.

Answer The Public – Recognize Google queries

The content marketing tool works similarly to Google Suggest. The practical thing is that you only have to enter your keyword and you will automatically be shown all possible requests for this keyword. The tool is free, but in the free version you can only make three search queries per day. Answer The Public offers a pro version for unlimited requests.

Hypersuggest – The Most Important W Questions

Hypersuggest is a keyword research tool that, similar to Answer The Public, offers several suggestions for a keyword. For example, you can decide in which direction your content should be designed, because you know what your users are looking for in connection with a certain keyword. Hypersuggest’s W questions feature is particularly useful. This gives you an insight into the most frequently asked questions about a keyword. Again there is a free and a pro version.

Ubersuggest – What keywords are being searched for?

With the content marketing tool Ubersuggest you can enter a keyword and the search volume for the keyword over the last few months will be displayed. In addition, the tool provides you with further keyword ideas and topic suggestions based on pages that rank with content for the corresponding keyword. The free version already contains a lot of useful information and if you want to access even more features, Ubersuggest offers you various pro tariffs.

Impactana – content with a big impact

Impactana is based on the two metrics BUZZ and IMPACT and shows content that has a particularly strong impact. BUZZ stands for shares and likes and IMPACT for comments, views, clicks, downloads and links. A value is made up of this and determines the effect of a content. Impactana offers you a free content marketing toolbar for Chrome.


With the multitude of content marketing tools that are offered, it is often difficult to keep track and ultimately to find the tool that really offers added value. Sometimes it is also a combination of several tools that supports the brainstorming process most sensibly. The various content marketing tools can accompany you in different phases of finding a topic and thus promote the creative research process. However, you should always weigh carefully whether a certain tool really helps you, because only then can you optimize your work processes. If you are unsure, it is best to test the free versions first before investing in a content marketing tool.

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