Practical tools for topic research in content marketing

Do you want to create unique content with added value for your readers and are you still looking for a suitable topic? The right content marketing tools can support you in finding a topic, provide valuable ideas and highlight current trends. So you always write exactly what your users really want to read. We have put together seven useful content marketing...


Brand SEO and branding

What significance does the brand have on the Google ranking? Do strong brands generally have an easier time on Google? And does it make sense to strengthen your own brand?   The importance of brands is becoming more and more important in search engine optimization, the traffic value of brands and the associated conversion rate can be extremely...


Good rankings without SEO – is that possible?

There are websites that are at the upper end of the organic search results even without active SEO optimization. But just because a page has not been actively optimized according to SEO criteria does not mean that no unconscious optimization has taken place. What does that mean now? Maybe the topic of SEO...